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Survey of Musculoskeletal Discomfort / Disorder in Laparoscopic Surgeon

Department of Surgical Disciplines, AIIMS, New Delhi

As practicing surgeons, we are more prone to develop musculoskeletal disorders due to long working hours involving repetitive movements, static and awkward postures and challenges with instrument design. These factors altogether lead to reduction in surgeon performance and precision which simultaneously increases fatigue and incidence of musculoskeletal pathologies. This study is planned to investigate the musculoskeletal conditions/disorders in Minimal Access Surgeons. A questionnaire has been designed to assess the causative factors and prevalence of MSD in Minimal Access Surgeons in India.

This survey will take about 5 minutes to complete. The individual responses will be collated for analysis and individual respondent's identity will not be revealed at the time of presentation/ publication.

You may not mention your name and phone number.

Question number 1 to 8 are related to your personal information , actual survey starts from question 9.

Prof. Virinder kumar Bansal , Professor, Dept. of Surgical Discipline, AIIMS, New Delhi

Dr Sanjeet Kumar Rai, Senior Resident, M.Ch, Minimal Access Surgery, Dept. of Surgical Disciplines,AIIMS, New Delhi

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11. Type of laparoscopic procedure performed (Can tick multiple option) and percentage of particular procedure performed routinely in space provided *

12. Percentage of advanced laparoscopic procedures such as Laparoscopic hernia, Laparoscopic Abdomino-perineal resection, Laparoscopic Hepatobiliary etc. *

13. Physical activity undertaken routinely (Can tick multiple options) *

15. Previous history of musculoskeletal disorders like (Can tick multiple options) *

18. Number of laparoscopic procedure performed per month *

19.Type of instrument(s) style used *

20. Have you experienced any of the following problems during or following laparoscopic surgery:
- (Occasional- Any symptom persisting for less than 2 times/week
- Frequently - Any symptom persisting for more than 3 times for week) *

21. If you answered yes to the above question , which of the following apply? (Can select multiple option)

23. History of treatment received?(Can tick multiple option) *

24. How have you made any changes to lessen these problems?(Can tick multiple option) *

25. When do the symptoms bother you? (Can tick multiple option) *

26. What do you think is cause of problem?(Can tick multiple option) *

27. Are you aware of any recommendations/practices to decrease these symptoms (surgical ergonomics)? *

28. Where did you acquire this information?(Can tick multiple option)

29. Have you applied any of this information to your surgical practice?(Can tick multiple option) *

30. Have you received any formal laparoscopic training? *

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